System Breakdown: Reasons Your Air Conditioner Stopped Working

frozen coilAir conditioners can break down in practically hundreds of ways. Some of the causes are more common than others, though. Knowing what these are gives you the advantage of preventing them from happening. If they do happen, you can at least determine the problems before calling a professional air conditioning repairman.

HVAC experts at Apex Airconditioning identify three of the most common problems that cause A/C systems to stop working:

Low refrigerant

Refrigerant is the chemical responsible for cooling the air. Check for dirty filters or other causes that may restrict airflow. If ice has built up around the condenser coils, shut off the unit to let the ice melt. Then, start up the unit again. If it continues to ice, the system may be low on refrigerant. You may have to add refrigerant to solve this problem.

Faulty outside fan

The outside fan transfers the heat from inside the house to the outside air. When the outside fan fails to work, it may be due to an electrical issue. Shut off the unit and check the connections for any damage, particularly burnt wires. Inspect the connections in the compressor terminal box as well. If you’re not familiar with electrical connections, getting the services of a professional would be a great idea.

Frozen coils

Frozen coils are usually a telltale sign of airflow problem. This could mean that the filters of the unit may be filled with dirty air filters. This restricts air flow, causing the coils and fins to become too cold and lead to ice build-up. Turn down the unit temporarily to let the ice melt. Clean the dirt and remove any obstructions that limit the airflow.

Apart from watching out for these problems, it’s important that your unit is installed and maintained by an expert air conditioning service and repair company in the first place. Improper or haphazard installation can lead to serious and costly problems in the long run.