The Curious Case of Content Strategy: Unveiling the Mysteries of Great Content

marketing strategyBefore, small business owners only relied on word-of-mouth and basic marketing methods to achieve their revenue goals. But, as more and more people prefer to go online, many SMEs have realized the importance of SEO (Search Engine Optimization).

To reap the benefits of SEO, you need to utilize content marketing strategies creatively and effectively. Read on to learn the secret to avoid crappy content.

Know What Has Worked in the Past

If you want your content marketing to be successful, you need to sit down and do some research. Know the strategies that have worked in the past. You may look at the websites of other small businesses or visit some social media channels. According to, it’s also good to find inspirations from a big brand and replicate its technique on a usable scale. By perusing other websites, you’ll have an insight of what content will help you advance your business online.


Using surveys will help you know your target market more. They’re useful in improving your website and products. You’ll also have an idea of what kind of content your consumers want to read. You can team up with some popular survey sites or do it yourself. Just make sure to give incentives for responses.

Know the Latest Trends

It’s important that you understand the current and newsworthy trends today, so you can reach the a wider audience effectively. What is the trending topic on Twitter today? Whatever it is, you can possibly use it as a lead to come up with popular content.

Keep it Short and Simple

Most Internet users actually don’t read everything on the web. As they’re always in a hurry to find the pieces of information they need, they usually skim the pages and look for keywords and short paragraphs. For this reason, make sure your content is in scannable list and avoid super long paragraphs.

Write for Users, Not for Search Engines

To make sure people will share your content; avoid stuffing it with keywords on each sentence. You’ll only annoy your readers if you do this.

Publish Case Studies

Case studies can be a great help for your content strategy and can also serve as proof to your target audience. So, gather some of your important information and publish it on your website.

Revamp your marketing efforts by remembering these few tips. Make sure to follow them, so your content will not head down the path of total misery.