It’s a Little Warm: Why is Your Air Conditioner Not Cold Enough?

aircon filterThere are many reasons your air conditioning unit is not producing enough cold air. The problem may be as simple as dirty filters or as complex as refrigerant issues. An air conditioning that produces warm air can also be a signal that you need to replace the entire unit.

Air conditioning experts in New South Wales share some of the reasons your AC might be blowing warmer air than usual:

Clogged Air Filters

Cold air cannot flow properly when air filters are clogged. Filters loaded with air particles reduce the cooling capacity of residential air conditioning. Wollongong certified technicians suggest cleaning the filter or replacing it to solve the problem. Failure to change the filter will cause the airflow to go down, and may lead to it becoming a source of air pollution.

Dirty Condenser Coils

The condenser needs to stay clean to absorb heat inside the home and release it outside. When the coils get dirty, the unit won’t be able to function effectively and causes the AC to start blowing warm air. Annual maintenance of the system is important to avoid dirty coils.

Refrigerant Leaks

The refrigerant is what makes the heat transfer possible. If the system has a refrigerant leak, it won’t have enough refrigerant to remove heat from your home. These leaks need to be checked and sealed properly by a professional technician.

Defective Thermostat

The thermostat has a sensor to detect the room temperature and a switch to power the fan and compressor. If your air conditioner does not cool enough, there might be something wrong with thermostat. If it is defective, the system will not cool the room efficiently.

Mechanical Issues

Malfunctioning compressors and condensers occur occasionally and affect the cooling process. These problems require servicing by a professional. Regular maintenance is also important to prevent mechanical issues.

Improper AC operation can also indicate that you need to replace cooling equipment. This is especially true if it is more than 10 years old and your home experiences humidity problems. Replace it with an energy-efficient model to save on cooling costs.