Features of the Cisco SFP-10G-SR

Cisco SFP-10G-SRThe Cisco SFP 10G SR is a very useful product that can give you a wide range of 10 gigabit Ethernet networking and connectivity options. This is very useful for enterprise wiring, data centers and also transport applications for various service providers.

•    An improved product

The Cisco SFP-10G-SR, available from OptDex.com, is an improvement on its earlier versions of 10 G Ethernet products. The upgraded fiber optic technology used has made this product suitable to cater to the increasing demands for better bandwidth. The 10 G fiber optic trans-receiver allows for very high speed transmissions. The data rate transmission is higher and it is made using the latest engineering standards. The product is compact compared to the earlier products and has better applications for higher density installations.

•    Main features

This product is the smallest 10 gigabit form factor and supports a 10 gigabit base. The product also comes with a swappable output and input device that can be plugged in to the Ethernet port of the switch. It also provides with flexible interface options and supports a new model called ‘pay as you populate’. There are a host of other factors that this product supports such as optical monitoring, quality identification etc. This enables the switch to identify if the module being used is tested and certified by Cisco.

•    Other features

The product can inter-operated with 10 G base XENPAK, X2 and XFP interfaces on one same link. This trans-receiver can be plugged into the slots or ports on optical interface and other Cisco equipment. It is compatible with many other devices and equipment. The product features decreased power consumption and support multi rated Ethernet fiber channels from 2 G to 10 G. The maximum working distance it offers is around 300 meters over optical fiber which are multimode.

The product comes with a warranty of ninety days although you can get extended warranty as an added option. The Cisco customer support contract will cover this optional warranty for the product.