Online Hospitality: Using Internet Connection as Leverage

Using the WIFI via ComputerPeople who travel want to stay connected – they want to let their friends and loved ones know where they are, how they’re doing, and how much fun they’re having at their destination. Also, many travellers these days prefer to make their transactions online; it’s much safer to access all your travelling needs online than to carry around a bunch of papers, tickets, reservations, and bills that could easily get lost in your baggage. That’s why it’s no surprise that the first thing that many people ask when they check into your hotel is if there’s an available WiFi connection.

If your hotel doesn’t have guest Internet yet, lists some reasons why it should.

Convenient for your guests

If your hotel is WiFi or Internet-ready, guests get the impression that your hotel is ready to accommodate all of their needs. It also gives them the impression that your staff are ready to adjust to whatever preferences they may have, since many of your hotel’s services can be made accessible through your hotel’s guest WiFi connection.

This is exactly the kind of impression that you’d want to make on all of your guests, and this is the kind of impression that draws them in and keeps them coming back.

Convenient for you

Having an Internet connection at your hotel is also convenient for you as the manager. As mentioned earlier, WiFi-ready hotels can opt to have their services accessible to their guests via their WiFi connection. This allows you to constantly have a way to communicate with your guest, and this allows them to give you their travel itineraries, their schedules, their reservations, and any other additional services that they may want to avail of from you. This gives your guests a sense of security that they won’t forget about anything since you’ve got all the important things covered.

It’s also not as overwhelming as it sounds, since all the information that your guests give you can be managed and sorted by guest. That way, you’ll be sure that you won’t lose track of anything.

Long story short, WiFi makes things easier for you and your guests. More importantly, it allows you to give your guests a sense of convenience and ease. It allows your hotel’s hospitality to be in line with the times, making things easier for everyone.