What You Need to Know about Storage Tank Inspection

Storage TankThere is lots of information on storage tank cleaning. However, it is prudent to know that tanks leak unexpectedly. This can lead to losses. Therefore, the tanks need to be regularly checked in order to detect problems early. Internal inspections are good but they are not enough. Industry standards require third parties to routinely carry out above ground storage tank inspection.

Standards for the Inspection of Storage Tanks

According to the American Petroleum Institute (API) standard 653, owners are responsible for frequent inspection of the tank. Inspections should be done on a daily basis or at least once a month. Additionally, the standard calls for the inspection to be undertaken by certified third party inspectors on a periodic basis depending on the size and content of a tank.

Who Should Conduct the Inspection?

For you to get a quality inspection, the work has to be done by an experienced professional who is well versed with AST inspection issues. The person must have gone through the API 653 Inspector Certification Program. However, there are AST inspectors that are not well certified with appropriate credentials. Therefore, there is a disparity between the two inspectors albeit having the ability to get the inspection job effectively done.

Preparation for Inspection

Tank preparation has a direct bearing on the effectiveness of an inspector in terms of achieving the required quality standards. To this end, all residual products build up and sludge on the bottom plates must be removed properly. Once that is done, the inspector will have an easy time conducting the inspection. Additionally, tank preparation for inspection purposes is not similar to preparation for entry purposes.

The cost of a regular tank inspection cannot be compared to the loss from spieled contents. For this reason, routine inspection is imperative as it helps in averting potential losses for your business.