Snail Mail May Be Slow, But It Ain’t Dying

Snail MailEven with the advanced technology today, more customers respond through direct mail than e-mail. A study by the Direct Marketing Association revealed that the customer’s response rate for direct mail averages 3.4%, while it is only 0.12% for email.

The direct mail strategy is still effective, especially with the Baby Boomers, as 45% of them do not have internet service and some do not own an email. Email marketing should reach the younger generation. However, some of the young people utilize the advanced filters that block sales messages in their email, while others delete and replace their email accounts regularly.

Small and local businesses take advantage of these facts. The study also found that they are the current users of direct mail marketing. Below are the other factors that encourage them to keep the snail mail alive.

  1. Focused and Targeted

With direct mail, local businesses can target specific neighborhoods closer to their stores. These people will likely respond, as it is convenient for them go to the store and check the business.

  1. No Need for Permission

Letter carriers don’t need the homeowner’s permission to put the mails in the mailbox. Emails do not have this quality, as there are filters that users can activate to filter all sales and promotion emails.

  1. Technologically Enhanced

Gone are the days that local businesses have to spend hours just to put the letters in the envelope and seal them. According to, there are now mailing machines that can speed up the mail process of any businesses. With the help of technology, sending out direct mails has become more convenient.

When the Internet community introduced the email, everyone thought that direct mail would become obsolete. However, this medium withstands challenges, adapts to change, and continues to be effective.