Understanding the Importance of Work Health and Safety Induction Programs

Importance of Work Health and SafetyWorkers’ safety is and should always be a priority in the workplace. This is particularly true in high-risk jobs. Employees have the right to stay safe and secured as they attend to their duties and responsibilities.

People who work on construction sites, for example, may be at risk of different elements that can put their health, or even life, in danger. They are exposed to all sorts of potential work-related injuries and accidents. This is why it is particularly important to promote workplace safety in businesses in the construction industry.

New staff, in particular, need to be well educated and trained before they enter a construction site. They need to be well versed in the safety precautions and rules before attending to their duties. This is where a staff induction program is needed.

Work health and safety induction programs

New staff need to undergo induction programs designed to educate them about your company’s health and safety policies. This is very important for workers that may be handling potentially dangerous jobs such as operating machines and equipment.

These programs are also given to returning staff who may have taken a long break from work. They need to review the policies so they can go back to work in a safe manner. Induction training may also be necessary in the case of new processes and staff changing roles.

Many companies use workplace safety induction videos for faster and more efficient training of their staff. These videos are designed to assist workers in learning what they must do to protect themselves from potential threats.

Coverage of induction programs

Work health and safety induction programs should cover the following:

  • workplace risks and hazards
  • use of personal protective equipment
  • emergency procedures
  • first aid
  • work health and safety laws

Safety training should be an ongoing process. It is important to give workers refreshers or review training occasionally to ensure they recognise and apply the procedures. As an employer, part of your duty is to provide a safe working environment and make sure your staff is well educated on how to value their health and safety while working.