Certainly Certified and Empowering: Boosting your Career

CertificationIt’s normal to feel stuck in your current job. After a personal evaluation, you realize the need for a career boost — something that promises more money and takes your career to the next level. Or you might be craving for a change in scenery and want to interact with new people. You know you could accomplish so much more, but going back to school is not an option.

Fortunately, not all hope is lost. Earning a certification in your field (or in a new one) might be the solution to your current dilemma. But what kind of certification would give your professional life the boost it needs?

Information Technology

The field of information technology is definitely a hot topic when it comes to certification and career progression. While some IT experts believe that certifications are slowly losing their value, CertBlaster.com and other professionals beg to differ, stating that these are just as valuable as ever.

Getting IT certification serves as a tiebreaker for most hiring managers. Since staffing firms evaluate expertise according to accomplishments, they offer more salary increases to those with certification than those without.

There are endless options in terms of getting certified; numerous software and hardware experts offer some themselves.

Health Support

All health-related occupations remain top priorities for job seekers. A newsletter from the National Healthcare Association says that the next four years guarantees the need to fill at least three million health-related jobs. Homes and hospitals will always require trained and caring people to address specific health support needs.

The US Bureau of Labor statistics also reports that positions in healthcare will make up 50% of new job placements. To ensure the expertise of their potential staff and due to the sensitive nature of hospitals, employers require healthcare certifications.

Homeland Security

The tragedy of September 11, 2011 triggered the development of an entirely new career field. Since that day, homeland security rose in importance, becoming the top concern of safety professionals. Organizing potential security issues was a necessity only certified workers can address.

Certification in this particular field not only thoroughly prepares you for the hazards; it also gives potential employers the assurance that you are competent in your job.

Certifications will require extra time and added costs, but if you’re looking to improve your career, it’s an investment you shouldn’t miss.