Marketing to Millennials

Marketing to MillennialsUnderstanding your market — the millennial generation — is an important part of crafting your campaign. Millennials are very different from the generations that came before them primarily because they rely heavily on technology to get what they want. The good news is you can have technology on your side.

With the ever-growing millennial population, there can be no truth to what others claim that SEO and Brisbane Internet marketing are no longer relevant tools on which your marketing efforts can be based. As a matter of fact, now is the time to strengthen your online efforts to get customers, and such online activities as search engine optimisation and web marketing should be at the core of such efforts.

Who are the Millennials?

There are several sources that define when millennials were born, but generally, those sources cite the early 1980s and early 2000s as the era when this young generation was born. They are the generation that entered the world when the power of the Internet to connect people was also set on a path of growth. They are the young people who cannot be persuaded to let go of their handheld devices or to stay offline for extended periods. They have a different view of privacy and their allegiances are fewer, commonly dictated by what they learn from the Internet, their primary source of valued information. They would rather listen to their friends’ review of a product than be persuaded by conventional marketing.

How can You Market to Millennials?

To market to millennials, always remember that they are not as powerful believers of tradition as the generations before them. They crave individuality. They don’t believe in being impeded by where they are physically, either. Strong marketing for such a generation should be based on their brand of personality. Appeal to their desire for ‘freedom’ even as they are unable to free themselves from their dependence on devices and Internet connectivity. Be careful, however, in crafting your marketing, because they have no qualms about broadcasting how they feel about anything via social media. And their peers believe them.

This is a powerful generation in terms of communicating. Word of mouth takes on a slightly new meaning here, in that these young people can spread the word faster. Know the things they enjoy doing, and the things they don’t, because if they have a defining characteristic, it’s that millennials are expressive of their emotions and varying allegiances.