3 Reasons Infinite Scrolling is the Answer to Keep Visitors Glued

Web Design TechniqueOne way to make visitors glued to your site is infinite scrolling. This practice refers to the dynamic addition of new content at the bottom of a page at the point when it seems like the end of the page by means of scrolling down.

This technique has been around for several years, but it has only been catching fire lately in the world of web design. In Denver, many experts begin to realize the value of this style when it comes to creating a fluid web design.

Here are some of infinite scrolling’s advantages in terms of improving your site’s usability and user experience:

Quick Load Time

As the attention span of online users continues to shorten, your site must the load quickly. They want to get the content they need with the least number of clicks as much as possible. Infinite scrolling aptly eliminates the need to hit the next page button to access more content, speeding the load time of content much faster than regular usual.

Enhanced Engagement

Denver Data Web noted that every smart Denver web designer optimize this strategy to make website content stickier. For materials that require more than one page to hold all the information, site visitors usually have to visit different pages, disrupting the level of engagement with the content. Instead of paying attention to navigation, users only have to scroll down to have the information they need in front of their eyes.

Ideal for Visual-Heavy Sites

Any expert would agree that infinite scrolling is well-suited for pages with tons of visual content. E-commerce and photo-sharing sites are chief examples of the marvels of this style. This practice is an ideal solution to present countless pieces of visuals in a fluid manner.

Scrolling a bottomless page of information is truly effective in eliminating the extra work site visitors need to do to find what they need online, as everything belongs to a single page. But like other practices, this technique is not without drawbacks. Before implementing anything, you should discuss your goals with your web design team to see if this is really the best route to take.