The Building Blocks of a Good Website Design

Website Design in DenverIf you are planning to put up a website for your business, or already have an existing one, it’s important to take note of the characteristics that make a good site design. This is because a poorly built site will only do more harm than good to your professional identity.

To help make your website engaging, Denver-based designers from Denver Data Web shares some elements that you should think about.


Your site should be visually appealing. It should also look professional since it is a reflection of your business. Keep in mind that there’s a good chance that browsing your website is the first, and only, contact a potential customer may have with your company.


One way to enhance the appearance of your site is by using appropriate colors. A good color scheme contains two or three primary colors that create the tone that matches your business. Remember not to overdo the colors, though, to maintain the content’s readability.


Speaking of readability, it is best to have black text on a white background. However, you can also use other color combinations as long as they are contrasting enough to make the text readable. Also, choose fonts that are easy to read. The ideal font size for paragraph text would be 10-12 pts.

Graphics and Images

Make sure you use relevant graphics as they add visual variety, especially if your site is a bit text-heavy. Do not overuse them, though. Try to include not more than three or four images per page. In addition to graphics, another way to increase your site’s visual appeal is to use high-quality photographs, especially if you are an online retailer.

Ultimately, remember to keep your site simple and uncluttered. You can do this by maximizing the negative or white space. You should also avoid overloading your site with excessive components such as, animation and other effects. Done right, you can still impress your audience even with minimal design elements.