Working From Home: Jobs for Non-Techies

Jobs for Non-TechiesWorking from home has become a signature of the millennial generation that refuses to settle for the touted benefits of work-life balance. They want to blur the lines between that balance and turn it into something like a work-life mixture. The young workers and entrepreneurs of today want to enjoy living their lives where they work; hence, the playful atmosphere of offices like Google and Facebook. This also explains why they are demanding more out of their corporate lives, such as being able to take their work home and stay home for most days of the week without sacrificing their job.

Whether you are one of these millennials or someone from an older generation who would like to take a cue from your younger counterparts, you should know that working from home isn't limited to jobs that involve the Internet, or the Internet alone. Here are some examples of jobs you can perform at home that is not limited to hours sitting (or lying) in front of a laptop.


You can use a place in your home for this, such as your garage. Turn it into a wood shop and you can do your work there. Unlike, say, a writer, who would only invest in a laptop and an Internet connection, however, you will invest in different tools specific to your trade. Saws, hammers, nail guns, a work bench, maybe a dust collection booth to keep your area clean and safe — these are some of the tools you'll be needing.

Metal Worker

Like a woodworker, you can use your garage or a similar space in your property to start a career as a metal worker. This may mean spending more for tools, equipment, and materials, though. Some metal workers are artists too, capable of sculpting pieces using their tools and imagination.


Artists operate best when they are alone with their imagination. So if you are a painter, you'll need a place that's quiet and possibly closer to nature. If your home is in such a location, you are in luck. You don't even have to use your garage or limit the work there. If you're fortunate enough to live by the sea, for example, there's nothing better than being able to work in an area, such as your veranda, that's facing the ocean, with nothing but the sound of the waves and the birds to keep you company.

There are many other jobs that you can do at home besides technology-based ones. All you have to do is take that leap and you'll see how freeing and more enjoyable working from home can be.