Caught and Catching Up: The Challenge For Correctional Facility Fences

Security ProfessionalTotal control over the entry and exit of every person or object is quite the tall order — especially when the residents of your property are not exactly fond of rules.

Stay Inside

For the world’s correctional facilities, regardless of how admirable or appalling they are, the guiding principle remains the same: keep everybody inside. Now, this is easier said than done, specifically in far larger prisons housing inmates far more dangerous. The ability of a prison and its officers to keep the peace as people wait out their sentences significantly diminishes once the threat of contraband and breakouts emerge, and the prison’s borders have no way of detecting nor stopping neither.

Sure, water-locked correctional facilities are the cinematically effective answer to inmates wishing to get a taste of the outside world, by either vice or by themselves. But, for every prison island wall, there are several fences without the threat of a lengthy swim behind them. These prisons have to rely on technology, not topography, and the best ones are those with borders flooded with security systems.

See Outside

According to professionals from Perimeter Systems Pty Ltd, tools ranging from video surveillance cameras to intrepid microwave detection are what makes the majority of the correctional industry much more secure. If the 3-metre high, razor ribbon-topped, electrified fences fail to dissuade prisoners from bolting, it will be the veritable selection of perimeter detection systems to keep them inside, and no amount of planning or makeshift crafting will allow them to bypass such advanced technology before their sentence runs out.

Of course, no system is without vulnerabilities. For all the measures they have to keep inmates in, many of these prisons lack a robust exterior detection system. Correctional facilities have yet to address this external ‘blind spot’, and doing so still cannot guarantee total security, with inside jobs being a very viable, very buyable approach.

Unless new, improved, affordable systems arrive in the market, correctional facilities may see the security of their borders plateauing. This should not necessarily be a cause for concern, since the plateau already has all the height, the barbs, the eyes and the senses it needs for the time being.