Social Media: Establishing Brand Identity and Brand Awareness

Social MediaSocial media has evolved from its rather humble roots, and it’s now more than just a platform where you reconnect with family and friends. The same platforms have become integral to small and big businesses alike, giving them an avenue to connect with their prospective customers in a more personal setting.

This platform is so important that it’s become integral to establishing brand identity and increasing brand awareness. But how do you make social media work for you?

Social Media and Brand Identity

On the internet, your business identity is your face on the web. How people see you is important not only in establishing your business’ persona but also in increasing awareness for your brand. Marketing companies, such as Third Stage Marketing, note that it’s also crucial in building trust with your potential customers online.

The first step in making social media work for you is first deciding which platforms to use. This was quite simple back when social media platforms were few and far between, but now there are several of them.

While it’s important that you set a foothold on every social media platform, it’s better that you start with just a few of the notable ones – the ones that are shaping the social media scene online, such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Start with just a few so you can better manage your platforms.

What’s Your Identity?

Before you can use social media platforms to increase brand awareness, you need to create your social media identity first. This might be harder than you think, as you’ll be developing your brand’s persona online – how you want your customers to see you and what they can expect.

Once you’ve done that, it’s easier to build and develop your social media strategies. Maybe you’re focused on posting updates on Facebook or Twitter, or simply sharing interesting things related to your brand. It’s easier to develop ways to reach out to your audience once you have a set business identity.

Social media will continue to dominate the internet as more and more platforms spring up. As a general rule, be fluid and adaptable in your social media efforts. Think of popular media, memes, and catchy ways to strengthen your brand identity and increase awareness.