How Humidity Affects Product Materials

Humidity Damaged WallHumidity can be considered a silent enemy. Over time, it can cause a product or material to deteriorate. Qualmark Corporation shares that this is why humidity testing such as the Highly Accelerated Stress Test of simply HAST, can help companies measure humidity’s effect over time. But, as the name implies, HAST is highly accelerated. So this means companies don’t need to wait months or years to measure humidity’s toll on the material. They can do it in hours!

Here’s How Humidity Can Affect Wood and Metals

  • When wood is exposed to high humidity, it absorbs the moisture and soon it starts to crack. When humidity is not monitored or controlled, expensive wood furniture and even musical instruments can be damaged permanently. Heavily saturated wood can also become an ideal spot for mold and fungus to grow. Apart from damaging the product, the spores can become airborne and affect people’s health.
  • Metal is widely used in the majority of household, commercial and industrial products and processes. Extreme or high levels of humidity can lead metals to rust and corrode. When metal products are exposed to high humidity, the layers can start to flake and soon, the damage becomes irreversible.

Why Testing Is Important

Both metal and wood two common product materials used in various industries today. Steel, for instance, is a popular material from automobiles to household items to infrastructure. In the automobile industry, steel is used to make engines, car rims and exhaust pipes. In the healthcare industry, steel is used to make surgical tools such as scalpels and forceps. In the construction business, steel is used in doors, elevators and air ducts. Around your home, steel is present everywhere, from sinks to ovens and refrigerators. Wood is a top building material used for many homes — from doors to furniture to porches and beams. Wood is also used in creating expensive musical instruments such as violin and grand piano.

The ability to accelerated stress tests on products give engineers the chance to modify their products as fast as possible. These adjustments provide businesses the chance to produce the best products for the general public.