Web Design Trends to Adopt in 2017

SEO Company in MinneapolisWeb design is constantly evolving, which is why website owners must adopt certain changes to not only survive, but also thrive in their chosen niches. Integrating style and substance is vital to the success of any site, adopting the following trends will allow you to achieve online success.

Tell a Story

SEO companies in Minneapolis agree that it is no longer enough to have a beautifully designed website owners must be able to weave and tell a story to capture the imagination of visitors. However, storytelling can be a complex endeavor but still possible. One example of this concept is Peugeot’s Hybrid Graphic Novel. Their website entertains users and tells a narrative using a scrollable interactive interface. Other than telling stories, it also provides readers with pertinent information about the brand’s technology. This makes learning fun and experiential, giving a visitor with a different perspective.

Semi-Flat Designs

Flat designs made a wave, but despite its advantages, it still had certain pitfalls regarding usability. However, since its initial release, developers have addressed these problems and moved to a semi-flat concept instead. This concept combines dimension and depth with the integration of cards, subtle shadows, and transitions. These changes have made this a better alternative because of ease of use.

Customized Illustrations

Stock illustrations and icons are the go to options of many designers because of their easy accessibility, it saves them time and reduces costs. However, customizing these give your site a unique look that may improve your brand persona and identity. These add a dimension of visual appeal and create a unique experience for visitors.

Distinct Grid Use

Creative grid design is a trend to adopt in the coming year as it blends imagery and usability perfectly. The layout may seem disorganized at first, but once you scroll down or rollover images, it turns cohesive and provides a distinct visual appeal.

These trends are design concepts to look out for in the coming year; adopting these allows you to create a beautiful website that is easy to use and offers a unique experience for visitors.