3 Online Jobs That Pay Well

Earn Big Money OnlineHave you ever wished that you can surf the internet all day and get paid for it? Actually, you can. There are several online, home-based jobs that will pay you good money for doing something so simple and fast.

Here are some of them: 

Online surveys

It’s fast, easy and it pays good money. All you have to do is answer product or service surveys from companies to help them improve their sales. Basically, companies pay you for your opinion. Best of all, you can do it at home with just a laptop or a smartphone and internet connection! After creating a free account, you can start answering surveys right away and you will start getting paid by answering online surveys.


Even if you’re not a writer, you can be a blogger and start writing about something you love. Be it travel destinations, makeup, sports and fitness and food, you can create a free blog account, set it up and start blogging.

The easiest way to earn from blogging is to put pay-per-click ads on your blog. As the name suggests, every time an online user clicks on an ad from your blog, the company pays you. If you become a famous blogger with a huge following, you can earn money from what you actually write—be it a movie or product/service review or simply posting an outfit on your blog. If you love fashion, you can be a fashion or makeup blogger!


If you’re a writer, you can earn money by being a ghostwriter. This means that what you write will be published with a different byline. Normally, these are blog posts about travel, marketing, food and even fashion. While the cost per article is pretty small, it can add up if you write in bulk.

Content Marketing is pretty hot right now. Freelance writers can become content providers for websites who wish to have business blogs on their sites. These pay higher than ghostwriting jobs.

When you’re a freelancer, there is no cap as to how much you can earn. Try out these online gigs if you want to earn through your time spent online.