Update Your Business Output: Five Features of a Portable Printer

A portable printerGone are the days when printer solutions translate to bulky, multi-trapping hardware components. The more options and features are required, the heavier and more cumbersome the printing machine is. Both home and business model printers are now reduced in size and weight while being equipped with advanced features beyond printing. These include preset output, load management and other capabilities comparable to small-scale desktop publishing. Today, experts such as Brady South Asia say there are micro printers (referring to compact and lightweight printing machines) and mobile printers (often used with a mobile printing application) for personal use and portable printers for business use.

Portable Printer

A portable printer is a small business-grade printing machine that comes in a variety of sizes, models and functions. A range of portable printers is used in a variety of commercial applications such as retail (point-of-sale), service, food and beverage, supply chain and logistics, hospitality, manufacturing and healthcare, among many others. They are preferred in industrial applications like product identification, scientific labelling and specialized printing output.

Five Features to Look for in a Portable Printer

1. Simplified operation – requires basic operations from loading to troubleshooting as well as minimal training time for operations personnel.

2. Flexible paper capacity – can manage a variety of paper stock (grade) and types of receipts, barcode labels to large-format prints and industry-specific paper output.

3. Long battery life – long and sustained power capacity for minimal downtime and preventive midstream interruption, translating to increased productivity.

4. Options for wireless connectivity – can operate on stand-alone capacity or can operate with a variety of connected device through USB, Bluetooth, wifi and other device-specific connections.

5. Reliable Customer Support – Choose a portable printer manufacturer or distributor that provides support for technical, repairs and other after-sales customer needs.


Carefully choosing a portable printer is one of the most important business investments one can make. Make sure you get your money’s worth.