Buying the Right Sandblaster

Old rusty wallRemoving rust and paint by hand is difficult unless you have a sandblaster that does the heavy work for you. A sandblaster uses air to release sand at high speeds to smooth out surfaces and clean up debris. There are many types of sandblasting equipment available on the market. Knowing which is which can help you determine what type is best for your needs.

Is a gravity-fed sandblaster suited for you?

This type of sandblaster utilizes gravity to complete a job. Sand is put inside a container positioned atop the sandblasting gun. An air compressor is also attached to the gun. Once you pull the trigger, air is released from the nozzle and sand comes out of the container at high speed.

Should you choose a siphon sandblaster?

In a siphon sandblaster, the sand is placed in a container under the nozzle. When you pull the trigger, the sand is suctioned up from the container and blasted out of the nozzle.

Portability is possible with the mini sandblaster

These sandblasters are perfect for doing detailed work within close spaces. It is also ideal for removing old paint from vehicles when preparing them for refinishing work. They can also be used to etch glass designs or perform delicate projects.

Big projects need an industrial sandblaster

This type of sandblaster needs to be mounted on a truck. Large on-site jobs where paint needs to be removed from a large structure is best for this sandblaster. These machines are best for heavy-duty work.

All in all, the sandblasting equipment you choose must fit the work you need it to do. Consider to the price you are willing to pay for them. Select the machine that fits your budget and needs.