How to Reduce Human Error in Your Manufacturing Company

Woman Working In A Manufacturing CompanyHuman error is responsible for approximately 80 percent of deviations from processes in manufacturing, causing delays, wastage, and other problems. You cannot eliminate human error entirely, but you can reduce them dramatically until errors become few and far between. Here are some suggestions on how to make this happen.

Demand Excellence

Finding an excuse for bad work is the specialty of a bad worker. Unless you demand excellence from your employees, they will inevitably form bad work habits that may lead to errors. When an error occurs, take it seriously, identify the problem and discuss it with the employee responsible, as well as other employees whose work may reflect or be affected by the error. Do not be afraid to let go of an employee who chooses to perform poorly despite your best efforts.

Make Training Mandatory

When your company is rushing to meet deadlines, you might be tempted to hire people and expect them to hit the ground running. There are exceptional employees whose experience and knowledge help them adjust automatically to a new job, but such employees are the exception, not the rule. Only allow a new employee to do a job for which they have received the right training. Every few months or so, have your employees attend training to review what they know and to learn what they don’t.

Automate What You Can

Ever had to scramble an order because someone forgot to place one and your company needed it yesterday? If you had automated purchasing software in the first place, for recurring orders, you wouldn’t be in such a jam. That’s the beauty of automation. SourceDay advises you to evaluate every process in your company and find out if automation is possible. With automation, the human factor is reduced, and with it, the possibility of errors.

The human effort still makes the world go around, but that doesn’t mean it’s perfect. In the world of manufacturing, where mistakes can go from minor inconvenience to life-threatening occurrences, automation is the support your company needs.