How’s Your Relationship with Your SaaS Vendor?

Programmer designing a softwareSoftware as a service (SaaS) has become popular with more companies that want to leverage their IT capabilities. It’s no wonder today that building a good relationship with SaaS providers is more important than ever.

When transacting with vendors for SaaS renewals or whatever related purpose, Meta SaaS and other management tool providers noted that it’s essential to reach a mutually beneficial partnership. This is to allow your business to achieve its goals consistently.

Best Practices

Any contract requires due diligence and attention to detail. Be particular about your service expectations and needs right from the start, whether it is a 24/7 service or a guaranteed uptime performance. Another way to manage your relationship with vendors involves choosing a preferred middleman.

A mutually beneficial agreement should allow you to maintain or replace the vendor’s representative in case of contract changes. There are some incidents, however, when your contract should allow you to exit in case of vendor management changes. If you’re thinking of implementing SaaS for enterprise resource planning system (ERP), it would require you to be keener on any contract details.

ERP Systems

SaaS providers offer ERP solutions as an alternative to in-house services of any company. There are five common ERP components: HR, finance, business intelligence, customer relationship management, and purchasing and procurement. There is no need to use all, as the ideal choice will depend on your company’s needs and preferences.

Take note that aligning an ERP system to the current operations and systems represent the biggest challenge. Many companies have tried to implement ERP to their systems and failed to do so more than any other software.

SaaS providers offer more than outsourced software solutions, so you need to be aware of how to manage relationships, especially if you engage with multiple providers. A good working relationship also reflects your company’s compliance with general business ethics.