Progress in the Medical World: The Advantages of Telemedicine

a physician conversing with her patient via Voice Over Internet ProtocolDefined as the practice of remotely providing medical care with the use of communications technology, plenty of people now rely on telemedicine. Even though it seems like a new technology, its foundation has existed since the invention of the telephone. That was the time when the doctors directly called their patients. By utilizing video conferencing and other more refined tools, telemedicine companies like Chiron Health will continue to offer sophisticated approaches as technology advances.

Here are some of the many advantages of the practice, for both doctors and patients:

1. Timely delivery of care

Instead of waiting for a consultation with their doctor, patients can now immediately get the care they need. It generally takes around a couple of minutes after clicking on the link.

2. Better convenience

With telemedicine, patients don’t have to file for a day off work or put off their household chores to see a doctor. Doctors can now work anytime and anywhere that is convenient for them. On top of that, doctors can even forward medical records, files, X-rays and MRIs online.

3. Reduced cost

The common price of a routine visit to the doctor is about USD 100 in comparison to only USD 45 for a visit virtually. The difference of cost between a trip to the emergency room and a virtual visit is considerably higher because emergency visits cost USD 750.

The costs are also lesser for doctors for they don’t have to pay for utilities, salaries and rent anymore. They can serve their patients at the comforts of their home without all the costs of going out.

Nearly one-fifth of Americans reside in areas where there is lack of healthcare specialists and physicians. Moreover, the country is one of the lowest among 11 industrialized countries when it comes to health results, access to care, health system costs and efficiency. Fortunately, telemedicine can help resolve and improve issues faced.