How PR Professionals Can Build a Good Media Relationship

PR professionals smiling and ready to workDemanding and fast-paced, the media industry is not for the faint at heart. PR professionals and reporters must work together to beat deadlines and create favorable impressions. Learn how you can build a positive media relationship below.

Remember names and affiliations

As a PR professional, it is your job to remember people, their names, and their respective affiliations. Nothing is more embarrassing than addressing the wrong reporter in person or online.

To prevent this, invest in software that aids you in creating a journalist contact list, making the communication to several parties more efficient.

Be accommodating

Reporters, no matter how irksome, are human beings too. Treat them with respect and answer to their needs professionally. Begin a friendly relationship by asking about their day, the stories they are working on, or even about their kids.

Letting them feel that you care beyond work allows them to respect you as well.

Provide good content

Submitting good copy and decent supporting pictures help reporters create a good piece and make your releases enticing to read. Send copy on time and check if it has the right length and format for easy editing and inclusion. Supporting pictures should be of high quality and appropriate to the news bite.

Communicate nicely

No matter how stressed you are, don’t shout on a reporter or send unreasonable demands. Talk like a professional, not because you need to, but because you are one. Answer emails, calls, and text messages and always say “please” and “thank you.”

Good communication makes the job easier and boosts the credibility of you and your company.

Respect deadlines

Deadlines are dreadful, especially for press people. Be considerate and ask about their deadlines when requesting a report or submitting content. Don’t send information when you know it’s already stale and not good for publishing. Remember that journalists are doing you a favor.

Indeed, respect begets respect. Treat reporters nicely to build a good relationship that can last for a long time. Create a good reputation that will boost your career and company.