Faster Video Streaming Without Tying up Precious Data Sources

A video streamed on youtubeThe number of network operators that want to expand their video services to a variety of new platforms other than television is increasing. As such, more of them rely on content-delivery networks (CDNs). These services act as the bridge between traditional TV infrastructures and the more modern multiservice IP video delivery services.

There’s a lot more to CDNs than just this, though. These also offer organisations various ways to generate revenue flows through video traffic.

New technologies mean growth in video demands

With both individual and commercial consumers having a significantly increased need for video traffic, the benefits of CDNs become even more apparent. First off, network operators can take advantage of these to extend their conventional TV services to new devices, most of which are internet-powered.

At the same time, CDNs also provide an effective way for organisations to keep the effects of the massive increase of online video traffic at a minimum. This is where transparent video cache services come into play.

Caching is a powerful and practical solution for video-content delivery.
The web has seen and continues to see an explosive growth in video content — both in terms of uploading and viewing. A major contributor to this proliferation is the fact that moving visual stimulants have become a necessary component of marketing for businesses. However, with web-based video content demanding greater storage capacities and bandwidth, owners have to put in place policies that allow them to continue delivering high-quality and seamless video viewing without worrying about enormous data consumption.

This is why transparent caching services are just as important as all other aspects of content delivery networks. With these solutions, both the end user and the service provider benefit. The former gets high-quality content when they need it and in a much faster way as well. On the other hand, the latter can make sure their services satisfy consumer demand.