Find and Use the Right VPN to Be Safe from the KRACK Exploit

Using VPN on a laptopA few weeks ago, the cybernetic world panicked after researchers found a vulnerability, called KRACK, in the security protocol of all Wi-Fi connections. The loophole then can be exploited and used to steal sensitive information from individuals or organizations. You can be vulnerable online because of this loophole too, but you can protect yourself with an internet tunnel service or a virtual private network. Private Tunnel tells us more.

The Right VPN

A virtual private network (VPN) may already be familiar to you as the service has grown popular in recent years. Perhaps you have been pondering about subscribing to a service yourself. You can pick out the perfect service for your needs as long as you look for some essential features a great VPN must have.

Has Mobile Compatibility

In the past, mobile device and PC VPNs came separately, but as more and more people rely on their smartphones and laptops simultaneously, smartphone compatibility has become a needed feature in VPNs. With such compatibility, you can easily switch between your mobile devices and laptop with ease. VPN expenses become easier to manage and afford this way as well.

Keeps No Logs

In the past month, the FBI tracked down an online stalker via supposedly non-existent logs of a VPN. This event points to another essential feature a VPN must have, which is the no-log policy, essential to online privacy. Some VPNs may say they keep no logs, but it pays to carefully read their privacy policies to catch any caveats that point to some form of a log.

Has Many Servers

Of course, a VPN can only work so well with ample server locations worldwide. With different locations, you can easily access geo-restricted content. You can also have more chances of boosting internet speed depending on the server you connect to.

Other essential features include low pricing, kill switch, anonymous DNS servers, and router support. With the features above, you can easily find the perfect VPN to protect you against the vulnerability inherent in Wi-Fi connections. You can then relax and stop worrying about any prying eyes to your online data and activity.