Video Content: Redefining the Future of Advertising

youtube video marketingThe digital playground has changed drastically over the past decade. More people are now picking up tablets and mobile phones to do pretty much anything – from getting information to shopping.

What is more, technology has become more affordable and accessible – eliminating the boundaries on consumer interaction with the content.

Businesses are keeping up with changing times through excellent content. Marketing specialists at Dan Rascal explain that in today’s changing world, marketing using videos is taking the lead in providing valuable and relevant insights that consumers want.

Acclaimed to be the future of content, video marketing is an effective strategy that every organization should utilize.

Video Marketing in the Future of Advertising

According to the recent figures shared by HubSpot, experts expect video to take more than 80% of all web traffic by 2019. Around 90% of customers admitted to watching product videos before purchasing.

For this reason, a total of 87% of online marketers are currently employing video content sharing in their marketing strategies. As one of the most in-demand and fastest-growing forms of advertising, video content provides the greatest impact when it comes to brand recall.

One of its strongest points stems from the natural inclination of humans toward visual and auditory stimulation. About 80% of users are likely to remember something they watched in the last month. They also share videos they enjoy, which creates more traffic for the business.

Promoting Customer Engagement and Strengthening Brand Message

Creating video content is an excellent way to introduce your products to the public and strengthen the identity of your brand. It provides a perfect opportunity to deliver your company’s message. According to a study conducted by Visible Measures, some 60% of viewers will act based on a video post.

Thanks to its unrivaled ability to generate emotion-driven sales, video is taking the marketing industry to new heights. When done correctly, it can significantly turn traffic into sales.