Videos: A Smart Way to Market Your Brand

Laptop screen showing YouTube pageVideo marketing is no longer just an additional marketing measure. Nowadays, it can be one of the most rewarding parts of your online advertising campaign. That is, of course, if you know how to do it properly. 

It’s not just about putting together clips and slapping on some text; it’s about telling a story. Here are some important details to consider: 

Pick a theme. 

Your story should have direction, and it should reach that direction before the video ends. This is why conceptualizing is important, so you know where you want the video to focus and how it will explain things.

Video production companies in Denver such as One Floor Up can also help with the directing and editing of the video, so the finished clip is something worth sharing on social media and other outlets. 

Choose a format. 

Where are you planning to display your video? If it’s on your website, you can invest in high-quality equipment to get the best resolution for your video. If it’s for social media, however, you might want to consider square videos for Facebook to allow users to still interact in the comments section while watching the video. 

You also want to record the sound with high-quality equipment, as most viewers play the video with the sound on. This goes for Instagram stories, as well. 

Post videos instead of GIFs. 

You may think it’s cool to post GIFs of your videos instead of the clips, but that will only make you less noticeable amid the sea of GIFs on social media. It’s not cool or hip anymore; it’s just normal. Rather, focus on high-quality and original videos.

And yes, you can produce one even on a smaller budget because cameras and audio recorders are less costly these days despite the better quality. 

Be smart when marketing your brand. Use videos wisely and effectively.