Why Selenium is the Best Web Testing Tool

employees testing a website performanceWhether is a software product or a website, testing for flaws and speed is a critical step in the process. Several testing products can be deployed to help speed up the testing process. Since developing products is expensive as it is, many companies look for open source testing tools. Radview, a software developer, cites that Selenium web testing is one of the most popular devices on the market – it is mostly used to test websites.

Why use Selenium?

Every one of us knows how hard it is to find the right tool for a specific job. Even though a lot of information is available on the Internet, it is difficult to pick the correct item even after reading all available material.

The Selenium suite of web testing tools is used by many because it is easy to use. The WebDriver can be used to ask questions which can be answered with a Y/N option. It generates a report which offers information on what works and areas in which there are errors. The Selenium suite also includes features which check if buttons and labels are present on different pages, whether data has been saved correctly and if procedures critical to the functioning of a site or product work accurately.

Selenium web testing tools can also help with answering questions like:

  • Which specific problem needs to be solved?
  • Are our expectations for the work to be achieved with this tool appropriate?
  • Is the team ready to take up another software project?

Reasons to use Selenium

  • It is portable
  • It has a playback tool and even those without scripting knowledge can use it
  • It can be used to write in a lot of programming languages like C#, Python, PHP, Perl and so on
  • It can be used to test against all the browsers and works with most OS

Components of the Selenium package

Selenium has four main testing tools, each of which plays a role in supporting automated testing for web applications.

  • Selenium Integrated Development Environment (IDE) – used for playback, debug, record, and edit scripts
  • Selenium Remote Control (RC) – used to run tests across multiple browsers and systems
  • Selenium Grid – which facilitates the running of many RC instances at the same time
  • Selenium Webdriver which has many APIs

Given the range of tasks that can be accomplished using Selenium’s web testing suite of tools, it is no wonder that this is a popular tool. It is very dynamic and always improving to make it more user-friendly. It is also durable and flexible.