Moving Your Ideas Forward: Project Management in the Digital Age

Person working on laptopYour business is likely to orchestrate several projects on any given period. You need to do so for many, reasons, but mainly more projects mean more opportunities for your company to advance. Whether it’s developing new apps to serve your customers or designing different products, managing projects can get tricky.

You have multiple tasks and people to organize. Without a suitable plan, your projects could cost you more money instead of make you money in the future.

Uncertainty Leads to Failure

Every project begins with a great, big idea. Praxent, a custom software company, understands that businesses developing any kind of software are excited to get a head start on an innovation. But the company cautions that 68% of software projects fail. And uncertainty is the primary reason for this failure.

It’s important to create innovative ideas, whether you’re a startup or an established organization. But what may sound impressive on paper, may not work well in practice. So how do you turn your great, big idea to reality? One word: data.

From Idea to Reality

Data is driving growth for business. Critical information allows companies in different industries to gain insight for daily operations and future projections. It is a critical asset that your business can use for projects.

But how does it work?

With data analytics driving your projects, you and your team can make decisions faster and better. Critical decisions can help reduce costs and ensure efficiencies, every step of the way. Getting consumer data, for example, will tell you if the new product you’re developing will meet the current demand or if you just need to add features to an existing one.

Access to the right information will not only save your project time and money. It will also improve its overall outcome. With data informing all your decisions, your business can juggle multiple projects and not have to worry about dropping the ball.