Survey: 77% of Americans Own a Smartphone

man working on the smartphoneSmartphone ownership among Americans rose more than double since 2011. About 77% of people now own one compared with just 35% in the past seven years, according to a Pew Research Center survey. notes that the increase in smartphone ownership likely stems from competition among phone manufacturers, which aim to capture the biggest possible share of the consumer market.

Ownership Factors

The survey based its findings on gender, age, educational background and income source. It showed that 80% of men use smartphones compared to 75% of women. More than 90% of Americans between 18 and 29 years old own a smartphone, while 91% of college graduates have one.

Those who earn more than $75,000 per year also tend to use smartphones more than any group in other income brackets. A major reason for the prevalence of smartphone use among Americans includes a broader availability of wireless network and data plans.

If you live in North Carolina, some carriers offer a wide range of services from retail plans in Charlotte to even cell service for churches in Raleigh. In terms of operating systems, Android users continue to dominate the market in the US.

Android or iOS?

A CIRP report showed that Android phone activations between April and June 2017 comprised 67% of the market. This figure represented an increase from 63% in the year-ago period. By contrast, activations for iOS phones fell to 31% from 32% during the same period.

The decline in iOS phone activations partly stemmed from Appleā€™s lack of upgrades before the launch of the iPhone 6, according to the report.

It seems hard to imagine how to spend our daily routine without using smartphones since these help us do things more than just communicate with people. What do you consider when choosing a network carrier or operating system for your mobile phone?