5 Ways to Take Your Crafts Business in Malaysia to the Next Level

Business dealAre you looking forward to taking your crafts business in Malaysia to the next level, but do not know where to start? Worry no more, for this article will be your best guide on how to upscale your business.


Regardless of how long you have been in business, as long as you are upscaling, do not stop creating. If you focus on making crafts that showcase Malaysian culture, ask yourself, “How do I make these pieces the best representation of Malaysia?”

This question will help ignite and inspire the creation process.

Networking is key

Now that your products are ready, the next (and most important) thing to do is to sell them. And the most sustainable way of marketing your products and making a profitable business with them is through networking.

Today, you can network in many ways with people who can be your market, or your conduit to reach other markets. You can do networking online through getting your own website, being present on business- or crafts-related sites and online marketplaces, and being active on social media.

Go local and personal

Aside from networking, one of the best strategies nowadays is to go local and personal. Remember that your folks will be your free marketers once they see your business’s beauty and value for themselves.

In this sense, try to capture the hearts of Malaysian people and make them proud to be Malaysian through your crafts.

To add a special touch to your products, you can also attach a “thank you” note to them. In this way, you can add personality to your products, expressing to your customers that you are running your business with passion and a heart.

Consider outsourcing

As your business grows, it also becomes harder to control and manage everything. Thus, outsourcing could be your best solution. You can outsource some of your business operations like marketing and accounting.

Do not be afraid to reach out for help

Lastly, as your business sails the high seas, do not be scared to ask for help from the right people. These could be your mentors, networking groups, or colleagues. Through asking help or advice from these people, there are more brilliant minds working toward the success of your business.

Also, as your business grows, you might need additional equipment, labour and processes to keep up with the demand. Thus, applying for an SME finance plan might be a great solution for you. There are financing plans available that are easy, flexible and perfectly suited to your needs.

Now, reaching more markets with your masterpieces and showing the world the beauty of Malaysian craft becomes within reach.