3 Reasons a Stand-Alone GPS Unit is Better

a smartphone with GPS functionality With advances in communications technology and connectivity, our world is now a much smaller place than it was before. That said, it’s still easy to get lost in the paths and roadways of the world. Fortunately, accessible GPS technologies have helped us find our way. While these are available in the most modern smartphones, it’s still best to get a dedicated GPS unit.

From accuracy to testability via a multi-element GPS simulator, here are three of the biggest reasons:

1. Accuracy

One of the biggest advantages of a dedicated unit is its high rate of accuracy. Smartphone-based GPS applications are highly dependent on cellular signals, which can be interfered by anything from the weather to electromagnetic disturbances. This risks your safety if depended upon for travel. A dedicated GPS unit uses orbiting satellites to locate you with near pinpoint accuracy and is far less affected by any disturbance.

2. Longevity

Dedicated units are built to last. These usually feature a balance of water and weatherproofing, allowing them to be brought anywhere. This makes them ideal to use for extended periods of time, whatever conditions there may be. Most are also shockproof, which is a common vulnerability in smartphones nowadays. This means that there’s a lower risk of being left without a means to communicate and travel should anything untoward happen.

3. Testability

A common problem with app-based GPS platforms is you only figure it’s not working when you’re well, good, and lost already. Many a modern GPS unit comes with built-in multi-element GPS simulator that allows you to fully test and determine their functionality without risking getting lost in the wilderness. This means that you can ensure that your unit is in the best shape before tempting fate with it.

These three reasons make it clear that having a dedicated unit ensures that you’re always safe wherever your travel to.