Brainstorming Video Ideas: The 3 Elements to Consider

Video camera lensResidents of Denver do not just enjoy Hollywood blockbusters. They also like going to film events that focus on independent productions. In short, people just love a good story. Even when that story comes with a pitch for your products or services, people will view it with interest.

While you can come up with business videos independently, there is still no replacement for the expertise and experience of corporate production companies. You get access to good equipment and a process that streamlines production.

A key aspect of making videos is the brainstorming session. Here’s what you need to cover.


There are plenty of locations you can feature in the corporate video, but you don’t need all of them to tell a compelling story. One or two will be perfect if you’re on a budget. If you’ve got a bigger budget to spare, go ahead and look for more exotic locations (if relevant). They add to the production value of the video and allow for a more complex story line.


Sometimes, the purpose of the video sets the tone. For example, an explainer video for a medical procedure will take on a clinical and serious tone while an explainer for a product’s use could take on a more casual maybe humorous tone. Setting the tone is tricky, and if you find yourself unsure, consider your video’s purpose and its target audience.


When fidget spinners blew up, everyone wanted to create content around them. The same reaction happened with Pokemon Go, in which business took advantage of the craze to bring people into their stores. Your business could make the most of the trends, but it still must fit your brand’s core message. The bottom line is to present an idea from a new perspective that viewers haven’t seen before.

To make the most of your video, spend the time to brainstorm. Consider the important and timely factors when coming up with ideas.