How to Improve Your Site’s Call to Action

Call to Action written with chalk on tarmac over colorful graph and rising arrowEach section of your website is essential and has a specific use; the content is the main attraction, while the call-to-action (CTA) buttons are the decisive factors. You’ll need an effective CTA to get the results you want and hit your target conversion rate.

In Minnesota, SEO services such as Sievers Creative know CTA improvements that you can make to reach your objectives.

Short and Sweet

When you want to close the deal, you want to be as succinct as possible. Avoid beating around the bush and ask. Once visitors have made it all the way to the CTA button, they have already made up their mind or are about to. Keep the message short and focused on the benefit of clicking. Generic terms like “download or click here” don’t have the same appeal as “I want more clicks” or “I want to lose 20 pounds.” Provide a clear description of the button and talk about the advantages of choosing you.

Action Words

For higher conversion rates, you want visitors to take immediate action because the longer they think about it, the less likely they are to click the button. The CTAs on a page must elicit a sense of urgency from users. Achieve this by using action words and adverbs. Some of the ways to achieve this are:

  • Provide a promotion that will end soon
  • Include the expiration date of getting a particular product
  • Include “now” in the button
  • The Importance of Simplicity

The CTA button must look like a person can click on it. It should be apparent to those exploring your website. They should find it easily; reduce the amount of content surrounding it. Keep the layout simple and the colors easy to distinguish.

Overall, these are the ways to improve your call-to-action buttons. Implement them and see your conversion rates increase.