For Millennials: A Quick Guide to Finding True Love

a man and a woman casually datingLike generations before, many Millennials look for that one true love to grow old with. And they’re an optimistic bunch — they seek the one despite the odds.

In finding their ideal partner, Millennials can take advantage of technology. They can also hold on to the old wisdom that has guided previous generations. Here is a compact guide on how Millennials can find true love in the modern world.

Don’t Dismiss Technology

Thanks to the internet and matchmaker dating apps, Millennials can cast a much wider net in finding a mate. These days, online dating seen as an efficient way to find a good match. So, download the apps, set up your profile, and start swiping.

Don’t spend too much time just viewing profiles and chatting with prospective matches, though. Schedule dates to get to know the person. Discern the quality of your connections carefully and determine those that have potential for the long term. Beware, too, of dating burnout.

Don’t Throw Out the Rule Book

We’ve all heard about that unwritten rule book with antiquated rules like a lady should always wait and never ask a man out. Thankfully, we now veer away from that mindset and embrace modern notions of dating.

There are, however, some old rules that still ring true. Practicing safe sex, for instance, keeps you safe and guards you against health hazards. Also, drink alcohol in moderation. A few drinks may help calm your nerves during a first date but be sure not to overdo it. Staying sober gives off a better impression and allows you to get to know your date better.

Spend Some Time Being Single

Enjoy time between relationships and give yourself a chance to get to know yourself. During this time, decide on the qualities you want in a partner. Singlehood allows you to see your partner objectively and prevents you from clinging onto an unhealthy relationship.

Even in the age of social media, dating isn’t easy for Millennials. So follow this guide to improve your chances of finding your one true love.