Grow Your Business, Harness the Power of Video Marketing

Video Marketing on YouTubeThe modern-day internet user faces all sorts of information from all quarters. With so much content coming at them, it is easy to get overwhelmed. It makes people quite picky with the kind of information they consume, explains One Floor Up, one of Denver’s video production experts.

It means that there are a lot of people churning out content that is not getting read. To avoid falling into the same trap, you should make video marketing a part of your business strategy. Here are a few thoughts on that.

1. Educate your readers.
After spending months or possibly years working on your products, you have a deep understanding of how they work. And probably why they can blow the competition out the water too. Unfortunately, your prospects think that you are just another product on the market or just another brand.

You can’t hold that against them, but you can choose to be proactive about it. With a series of explainer videos, tutorials or even podcasts, you could educate them about your products. You can explain the functions, the benefits, and also some unique ways using the product improves their lives.

Research indicates that having such videos on your sales page can increase your conversion rate by up to 74%.

2. Increase customer engagement.
On average, consumers spend at least 67 minutes a day watching online videos, a trend that shows no signs of stopping. The medium’s popularity is projected to grow by at least 25% by the year 2020.

It’s only wise to join the bandwagon of businesses that are creating hours of useful and entertaining videos for their customers. Naturally, videos are easier to consume and are more engaging than blocks of text.

Besides, they have a personal touch, which goes a long way in humanizing your brand. Also take note that including the word video in an email subject line leads to a 13% increase in open rates.

To deal with the increasing information overload, people often look for ways that help them consume information in the most engaging manner. To this end, videos make an effective way to share information with your prospects and loyal customers.