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Canadian Police Use GPS Tracker to Monitor Fleeing Cars

June 13, 2017

How could GPS improve the daily operations of law enforcement groups? The Ontario Provincial Police (OPP) in Canada found an answer to this question. The OPP used darts equipped with global positioning satellite (GPS) technology […]

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Minimizing Downtime and Risks While Redesigning Your Website

January 10, 2017

Website downtime usually occurs while a company is redesigning its website, doing maintenance work, or resolving technical glitches. The server will be temporarily unavailable, making it impossible for anyone to access the website. Going offline […]

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What Young Entrepreneurs Must Know

October 10, 2016

Building a business is not as easy as just choosing a name and then opening up shop and enjoying years of solid ups. It’s extremely rewarding when your business does enjoy those fruitful and very […]